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What is Curtis Sliwa Net Worth?

Molly Ephraim$500,000
Source of Wealth:Activist
Date of Birth:March 26th, 1954
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth: Curtis Sliwa is an American activist with an estimated net worth of $500,000. Curtis Sliwa advocates for societal change and crime prevention and thus has several awards and recognitions.

His courage and bravery brought him to the white house at a very young age. He is a founder, radio analyst, and a renowned politician with outstanding exploits.

Curtis stands out as a writer, public speaker, and animal rights advocate. He is a multi-talented activist with a net worth of 500,000 dollars.

Early Life

Born on 26 March 1954, Curtis Sliwa was honored with a white house trip after he rescued many people from a building on fire. As of then, he was a courier boy for Daily News.

Curtis is catholic of Italian and Polish origin and born in Brooklyn, New York. He was expelled from Jesuit High School Brooklyn Prep but later graduated from Canarsie High School. He has two sisters.


Curtis Sliwa Net Worth & Achievements (Updated 2024) - Wealth Rector (1)

Curtis Sliwa is a solution provided who, after noticing the increase in crime wave in New York, established a group called the Magnificent 13, but was later renamed the Guardian Angels. The group aimed to diminish violence and crime in the subway system in New York. The group stipulated that all members must be uniformly dressed while on safety patrols, wearing their red berets as a signature identifier. The group ensured that its members were given karate training so they could assist in preventing crime without making use of arms or weapons.

Various controversies have surrounded the group, and it was greatly opposed by Mayor Ed Koch of New York City but supported by Mario Cuomo, a lieutenant governor. They garnered both criticism and prayers over the years. In the year 1992, Curtis admitted that the group had lied about the kidnap of a police officer in transit as well as several fake heroic displays of subway rescues as a publicity stunt. Despite all these, the group continued to grow and expand with chapters in over 130 cities worldwide.

Sliwa joined the WNYC four years after starting his journey in the media industry with the WABC-AM in New York City in 1990. He began hosting a talk show and other WABC radio programs in 1996. He started co-hosting a show that lasted for eight years titled “Curtis and Kuby in the Morning” with Ron Kuby, a lawyer.

Curtis Silwa also ventured into politics, initiating the successful New York State Reform Party takeover in 2016. When the party lost, he decamped to the Republican party. In 2020, he announced his interest in the mayoral position in New York City. He battled the role of republican nominee with Fernando Mateo, his friend, and they eventually became rivals. Despite winning the republican nomination, he lost the electoral position to Eric Adams of the Democratic party.

Before all this, he was a McDonald’s restaurant night manager in the Bronx.

Curtis Sliwa net worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • Curtis discusses current events, politics, and New York issues with his platform and has been a host on different radio shows such as “The Curtis Sliwa Show” and “Curtis Sliwa Live”. He has been nominated for several other political offices severally, including the mayor position, advocating for education reform, government accountability, and public safety.
  • Curtis has also written articles for various publications, sharing his thoughts and ideas on community involvement and crime prevention. He has also authored books addressing his opinions on urban issues, his journey, and his experience as the Guardian Angels founder. He established this organization in 1979 to address violence and crime in New York. The organization is a charity organization with a community focus and has expanded to various other cities.
  • He has been a spokesperson at various conferences, universities, and events, engaging audiences in information about activism and community safety. He has created awareness of animal adoption and cruelty, thus extending his activism to animal rights, pet ownership, and animal welfare.
  • During his early days, he shared his opinions and ideas on radio broadcasts and television news programs. He has been a commentator airing his perspectives on social issues, crime, and politics as a commentator and media contributor.
  • He is a prominent grassroots figure known for activism, community empowerment, and safety, thus leading the Guardian Angels in community outreach engagement, citizen patrol organizations, and safety escorts. Curtis guided and saw the group’s expansion and actively participated in pushing the organization’s mission toward achieving a safer community.
  • During his campaign, he ran for the 2021 New York City mayor position, emphasizing quality of life issues and public safety.

Personal Life

Curtis Silwa is currently married to Nancy Regula, an activist and attorney. The couple got married in 2018, has a bunch of shelter cats, and lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He has a son called Anthony with Mary Galda, a one-time National Director of the Guardian Angels whom he married in 2000 but divorced in 2012.

His first marriage was to Lisa Evers, who co-hosted a WABC-AM show and served as a Guardian Angel National Director. They got married in 1981 but got divorced in the year 1995.

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Awards and Achievements

Curtis Sliwa was honoured by the city of New York Transit Authority with a Distinguished Service Award owing to his contributions to crime prevention and public safety improvement. He has had considerable success in his media and radio career, where he advocates for change and discusses pertinent issues with an influential presence. He has also been widely recognized for his public safety advocacy and leadership by diverse organizations in the community.

He is the Guardian Angels Founder, a charity organization aimed at preventing crimes and ensuring community safety. The organization has various chapters throughout the United States and other countries. The City of New York Council again recognized him for contributing to crime prevention and community safety.

Dowling College honoured his contributions to public service and dedication to community welfare with an honorary doctorate.

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth

Curtis Sliwa net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Sliwa ran as a nominee for the Republican in the city of New York in the 2021 mayoral election but failed. He founded the Guardian Angels, a charity organization to combat crime in New York’s subway system. The organization has expanded to various cities across the world.

As an American politician, anti-crime activist, and media personality, Curtis Sliwa boasts a financial worth of 500 thousand dollars.

Notable Curtis Sliwa Quotes

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth & Achievements (Updated 2024) - Wealth Rector (2)

Block Watch, Crime Watch, we have hundreds of thousands of Americans, every day and night, risking their lives, going out for no pay as volunteers, protecting Americans like all of you and not asking anything in return. And the other day, I spoke in a high school in New Jersey, and the youngsters go, oh, you’re just like Zimmerman. ~ Curtis Sliwa

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth & Achievements (Updated 2024) - Wealth Rector (3)

I’m a fast healer. I was on the air a week after I got shot. ~ Curtis Sliwa

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth & Achievements (Updated 2024) - Wealth Rector (4)

No one tells me what they think because they’re either intimidated by me or don’t want to upset me. ~ Curtis Sliwa

Life Lessons To Learn From Curtis Sliwa Success

1. Community Engagement

His life highlights the essence of actively engaging with one’s community. He established the Guardian Angels charity organization to make a positive impact.

2. Media Influence

Sliwa’s involvement in the media highlights the potential for using platforms to amplify essential messages.

3. Social Activism

Sliwa’s life underscores the effectiveness of grassroots activism.

Frequently Asked Questions – Curtis Sliwa Net Worth

Who is the Guardian Angels founder?

The organization called Guardian Angels was founded by Curtis Sliwa in 1979. Curtis is a 25-year-old charismatic who dropped out of high school.

Where is Curtis Sliwa from?

Born on 26 March 1954, Curtis Sliwa is of Italian and Polish origin. His family is Catholic, and he lives in Canarsie, Brooklyn, with his two sisters.

What is Curtis Sliwa’s age?

He was born on 26 March 1954 and is aged 69.

How old is Curtis Sliwa?

69 years (26 March 1954)

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Final Thoughts

Sliwa has had a considerable positive impact on society, which has earned him countless recognitions and awards. He has contributed significantly to community advocacy and public safety. He has an exceptional career as the Guardian Angels founder and radio host.

As of 2024, Curtis Sliwa net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

What are your thoughts on Curtis Sliwa net worth? Drop them in the comment section below.

Curtis Sliwa Net Worth & Achievements (Updated 2024) - Wealth Rector (2024)
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