Delicia Silva Net Worth 2024 | Personal Life, Husband, Age, Height and Others - Worth Collector (2024)

Delicia Silva(known for The Cigar Vixen and Hand Rolled) is a prominent figure in the realm of social media, renowned for her multifaceted roles as an influencer, content creator, and YouTube personality. As the proprietor of the illustrious @CIGARVIXEN channel on YouTube, Silva has carved out a niche for herself in the digital landscape.

Her entrepreneurial endeavors and captivating content have not only garnered her a substantial following but have also translated into significant financial success, solidifying her position as a formidable force in the online sphere.Today we’re going to cover Delicia Silvanet worth, Personal Life, husband, age, height, and other interesting facts.

Delicia Silva Net Worth

Delicia Silva, renowned for her captivating presence in the realm of social media, stands as a beacon of inspiration as a content creator, influencer, and the visionary force behind the beloved @CIGARVIXEN YouTube channel. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Silva approaches her endeavors with sincerity and passion, consistently delivering content that resonates with her audience.

Through her innovative approach to content creation and her innate ability to connect with viewers, she has carved out a significant niche for herself in the digital landscape. It comes as no surprise that her hard work and commitment have translated into substantial success, with her net worth currently estimated to be around a staggering 4 million dollars. This remarkable achievement not only underscores her financial prowess but also serves as a testament to the invaluable impact she has made within the industry. As she continues to blaze trails and inspire others with her creativity and authenticity, Delicia Silva remains a true powerhouse in the world of social media and beyond.

  • Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Yearly Income: $200k
  • Monthly Income: $17k
  • Daily Income: $560
Delicia Silva Net Worth 2024 | Personal Life, Husband, Age, Height and Others - Worth Collector (1)

At a Glance About Delicia Silva

Real NameDelicia Silva
Nick NameDelicia Silva
ProfessionYouTuber, Owner at @CIGARVIXENYoutube channel
Age29 Years
HeightIn feet: 5’6”
WeightIn Kilograms: 57 kg
RelationshipNot Found
ChildrenNot Found
ParentsInfo Not available
Facebook ID
Instagram ID
Whatsapp NumberNot Found
Twitter Account
Linkedin AccountNot Found

Family & Early life

Delicia Silva’s early life is characterized by warmth, companionship, and a deep-rooted connection to her family. Growing up, she cherished every moment spent with her friends and family, finding joy in their company and the bonds they shared. From a young age, Delicia displayed a keen interest in social media influencers, drawn to their ability to connect with audiences and make a positive impact.

This early fascination laid the foundation for her own journey as a social media influencer in later years. Known for her sincerity and genuine nature, Delicia embodied integrity and authenticity even in her youth, earning the respect and admiration of those around her. Her family, an integral part of her life, was a source of love, support, and togetherness. They often embarked on trips together, seizing moments of leisure to create lasting memories and strengthen their familial ties.

Delicia’s upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for the value of relationships, both personal and professional, shaping her into the inspiring individual she is today.

Delicia Silva Husband

Delicia Silva’s husband is the epitome of support and love in her life. Their bond transcends the ordinary, weaving through the intricacies of companionship with a depth that speaks volumes about their relationship. In the mosaic of life’s moments, he stands as her steadfast pillar, unwavering in his commitment and devotion. Their union is a testament to the beauty of partnership, where mutual respect and understanding flourish. Whether navigating through the highs or lows, they walk hand in hand, embracing each challenge with unwavering unity.

Theirs is a partnership built on trust, where every triumph is celebrated together and every hurdle is overcome as a team. In the tapestry of their shared experiences, there’s a thread of unwavering support that binds them, enriching their journey with warmth and strength. Delicia is undoubtedly blessed to have such a husband by her side, a beacon of love and support illuminating her path through life’s labyrinthine twists and turns.

Together, they paint a portrait of companionship that inspires and uplifts, proving that true love knows no bounds and that with the right partner, one can conquer any obstacle that life presents.


Delicia Silva, a name synonymous with academic excellence and unwavering dedication, embarked on her journey of education with fervor and determination. Graduating from a prestigious university, she left an indelible mark with her outstanding academic achievements, setting a benchmark for excellence. Beyond the confines of textbooks and lectures, Delicia’s thirst for knowledge extended to co-curricular activities, where she actively participated, showcasing her versatile talents and dynamic personality.

Her presence was not only felt in classrooms but also in the hearts of her teachers, who admired her intellect, diligence, and infectious enthusiasm. It was during her educational pursuits that Delicia began to introspect on her passions, paving the way for her to delve into the realm of social media influence. Harnessing her education and innate creativity, she embarked on a new journey, utilizing her platform to inspire, inform, and entertain. Delicia Silva, a testament to the transformative power of education and the pursuit of one’s passions, continues to inspire others with her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in every endeavor she undertakes.

Professional Life

Delicia Silva stands as a beacon of success in the realm of professional pursuits, carving her path as a formidable force in her field. As the esteemed owner of the renowned @CIGARVIXEN YouTube channel, she commands respect and admiration within the industry. Delicia’s journey to prominence is marked by relentless dedication and unwavering perseverance, embodying the ethos of diligence and determination. She has tirelessly honed her craft, investing countless hours of hard work and unwavering commitment to ascend to her current position of eminence.

Fuelled by an unbridled passion for her craft, Delicia seamlessly integrates her fervor into every facet of her professional life, whether as a social media influencer, content creator, or revered YouTuber. Her unwavering dedication to her passion serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals, exemplifying the transformative power of persistence and dedication in the pursuit of one’s dreams. Through her exemplary work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence, Delicia Silva continues to etch her name in the annals of professional success, leaving an indelible mark on the industry landscape.


In conclusion, Delicia Silva’s remarkable journey as a professional social media influencer and content creator has undoubtedly led to her impressive net worth of $4 million. Through her dedication and expertise in the digital realm, she has amassed substantial wealth, reflecting her prowess in leveraging online platforms to cultivate her brand and reach. Silva’s financial success is a testament to her hard work, strategic vision, and ability to capitalize on opportunities within her industry. As she continues to thrive in her professional endeavors, her net worth stands as a testament to the lucrative potential of digital entrepreneurship in today’s interconnected world.

Delicia Silva Net Worth 2024 | Personal Life, Husband, Age, Height and Others - Worth Collector (2024)
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